Red Bridge Academy has been serving home school students in the South Kansas City area for the last four years.  Because homeschooling alone can be a heavy load, this academy organized to shoulder practical needs that have been too heavy to lift alone, doing this in the spirit of Isaiah 58, believing that the Father sends light and healing (v.8)  to those who “undo the heavy burdens” of others. (v.6)  

In the academy’s two-day-a-week model, the instruction needs of Pre-K through 12th grade students are met in a classroom setting. The remaining three days of school time is managed at home by parents. The school manages most content, teaching and grading on Monday and Thursdays, while parents manage more of a homework load on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Our goal is to instruct students, many of whom are college bound, so that they can both excel academically and stand in a Biblical worldview. Our mission is to meet this need for many one income families who feel called to home school, yet need academic support in a affordable way.

We’re focused on making quality academic and enrichment courses available and affordable to K-12 college-bound students. We are an academic program where students attend school two days a week and commit to completing assignments at home the other three days.

It is our desire to provide support and accountability for those of you who have been homeschooling, but find yourself unable to teach one or more of these subjects at home.

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