Homeschool Enrichment Math Courses: 

See below for Prep for Pre-Algebra (Fundamentals)




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Class Description

Pre-Algebra integrates coursework, lecture and manipulatives to teach all basic Pre-Algebra concepts. These include negative numbers, exponents, factoring, and ratios. The student is taught basic rules of solving equations using the associative, commutative and other properties. Simple operations with polynomials are demonstrated with place- value blocks for conceptual understanding before being taught conventionally. Geometry concepts include surface area, volume, and the Pythagorean theorem

Topics Include:

  • Operations and negative numbers
  • Expanded and exponential notation
  • Roots and radicals
  • Solving for an unknown
  • Associative/commutative properties
  • Distributive property
  • Order of operations
  • Additive and multiplicative inverse
  • Surface area of solids
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Absolute value
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Similar polygons
  • Least common multiple
  • Greatest common factor
  • Operations with polynomials
  • Volume of cylinders, cones, pyramids
  • Irrational numbers


  • Completion of all operations with Fractions, Decimals and Percents
  • Placement test must be taken

Prep for Pre-Algebra (Fundamentals)

Teacher: TBD (click here for teacher bios)

Class Description

Prep for Pre-Algebra is designed as a course to fully prepare students for Pre-Algebra, The course covers all operations with fractions, decimals and percents. Geometry is introduced as well as proportions, Mean, Mode and Median.  Review and Mastery of all math facts will be emphasized.  This an excellent foundation course before algebra is started in earnest.  This is designed to be an excellent review for students who have seen the concepts but need a firmer understanding and foundation of all the operations as well as an accelerated course for a student who is switching curriculum and have had an introduction to fractions and decimals but not a complete mastery program.

Students will be expected to complete homework daily outside of class, as well as take a supervised quiz weekly.  Average homework time commitment is about 45 min per day(MWF), 2-3  hours per week.  Parents will need to monitor the lesson quiz each week. Unit test and Final Exams will be given in class.


  • Placement test must be taken