Sports and Extracurricular Activities Open to Home school students

Red Bridge Academy does not have its own sports teams. The Kansas City area does have a variety of programs that include home school students in their sports and extracurricular programs.  Many of our own students are a part of these programs. The following activities and teams are listed as a resource for  our families.  Red Bridge does not endorse or personally recommend any particular program.  Although many of our families are involved in the programs below, we recommend you check out each program yourself and make sure it is the right fit for your own children.

 Please note is not a complete list, we are just starting to compile it as information is shared with us.  

Sports and Althletics

 Soccer Team(7th-12th grade boys)  Daniel Academy Season starts July 30th, contact Rebbecca Fraser if interested (cost $300) Practice a Blue river Athletic Fields.  They also offer Basketball and Girls Soccer.

Football MS.HS- Christ Prep Football Practice at corner of Red Bridge and Graindview Rd HS Registration Saturday, July 28th, 8:00 am – Red Bridge Practice Field Junior High  Registration Monday, August 13th, 5:45 pm – Red Bridge Practice Field

Christ Prep Athletics-  Basket ball, soccer, wrestling track, baseball girls soccer, volleyball and basketball, cheer. football, golf, track

KC Metro Maverics- Competitive JH/HS girls and boys basketball and girls volleyball

East Kansas City Lions- Fall- Soccer, Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Softball, Winter -Girls and Boys Basketball and Spring -Baseball, Girls Soccer and Track and Field



CYT- Christian Youth Theater

Culture Academy of Performing Arts

Dramatic Classical Christian Ballet School

Metro Homeschool Robotics-